8 Quick and Cheap Ideas to Update Your Home

Trends change almost on a daily basis these days but you don’t have to redecorate on a big and expensive scale to keep things looking up to date.

Here are 8 simple and cost-effective solutions to keeping your abode on trend.

modern living room

Clear the Clutter

A room full of knick-knacks and clutter can make it feel small, crowded and claustrophobic.  Take away a few items by getting rid of them, selling them or redeploying elsewhere in your home.  This gives items the space they need to shine.

Remove or Replace a Rug

Area rugs provide an anchoring focal point in a room.  Removing one or replacing it with another can change the entire look and feel in minutes.  If you have several, try moving them around to change things up.

Create a Feature Wall

A bold lick of paint, a striking wallpaper or even a photo gallery wall will change a room instantly.  Small accents to tie in such as cushions or artwork on other walls work brilliantly to bring a look together.

Move Furniture Around

The cheapest option of all!  Just relocating furniture within the room can make it feel brand new!  If there is too much furniture remove some to other areas of the house or sell it.

Update Furniture and Accessories with Chalk Paint

Completely change your look for the price of a tin of paint!  Whether you prefer a traditional, shabby chic vintage or modern look, you can update old furniture cost and time effectively with Chalk Paint and specialist paint products such as Cherry Tree Paint. There’s lots of inspiration online to find a look you like.  You can do this with furniture, photo and picture frames, fireplace surrounds, ornaments, plant pots and more to link in with your inspired and original work.

Cushions and Throws

This is a great way to add texture and colour to a room and add a fresh new look.  You can even change them around according to the time of year.  Cosy, plush, heavier fabrics in the winter for example changed for lighter, brighter, fresher versions for Spring and Summer will lift a room instantly.

Deck The Walls

Rearranging your existing artwork can have a simple but effective impact.  Painting the frames of pictures and wall mirrors also rings a change.  If you don’t have or don’t want to buy new artwork, make some of your own!  Have a look on Pinterest for crafty ideas and if you are not so crafty, just frame up a great piece of wallpaper or fabric that matches in with your room!

Add a Mirror

If you don’t have one you can use, find a boot sale or charity shop mirror cheaply and paint the frame to match your scheme.  If you can hang it opposite a window this will instantly make the room feel bigger!

Keeping your home interior looking up to the minute doesn’t need to cost a fortune and in the end you can enjoy a completely unique and individual environment that is all your own and not from a showroom catalogue, whatever your style choice is.

painted pew seating