Colonial Candles of Cape Cod M Baker Apocathary Jar Collection

Presenting M. Baker Holiday Limited Editions and Everyday by Colonial Candle of Cape Cod.

Mabel Baker, a former school teacher, begun making hand-dipped candles in 1905 in her tiny Massachusetts Cape Cod kitchen.  Her candles were so popular with family and friends that she started selling them in her husband's local hardware store. 

By 1909, many stores in the Cape Cod area were selling Mrs Baker's candles and Colonial Candle® was in business.

Recognised as the first candle company started by a woman, Colonial Candle® is still made in North Carolina today with the same pride and craftsmanship established over a century ago. Mabel Baker also started the PartyLite network marketing candle business.

Now exclusively available in the UK here at The Useful Shop, ready to warm our homes as they have done across the USA for more than 100 years.

Bring the beautiful and classic fragrances of M Baker to your home in an instant. Simply light these natural soy blend wax candle poured into custom apothecary jars.  The 14oz candles are set with two cotton wicks and the 8oz with a single cotton wick to ensure a classic fragrance experience

  • Meticulously considered fragrances using pure essential oils gathered from natural botanicals to deliver the most authentic and aromatic fragrance possible.
  • Crisp white premium soy blended wax
  • Beautiful transparent painted glass apothecary jar
  • Featuring cotton wicks, these candles will burn slowly and evenly.
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