Shoeless Joe

Beautiful and original home decor items from the incomparible Shoeless Joe.  Shoeless Joe have long relationships with their product manufacturers in The Philippines, Egypt, India and Bangladesh.  These are all small family run businesses and co-operatives that pay their workers a fair wage and do not use child labour - in fact ethical trading means the workers children get a better education.  In The Philippines The product materials are mainly tin and indigenous wood known locally as Dap Dap; a soft pine like wood. The wood is offcut stock from the local construction industry. We also use small pieces of driftwood. The tin is sourced from domestically manufactured production. The paint is non-toxic acrylic. In Egypt, their bead manufacturer is a Fair-Trade Muslim Women’s Co-Operative who employ single mothers that are suffering hardship through divorce or widow ship.  In India the manufacturer has been trading for over forty years and the business is family owned. They are SEDEX certified (SEDEX is Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). Which means they allow the audit standards and monitoring of their work environment and working practices. SEDEX was established in 2001 in response to employment and work premises concerns.  Jute and seagrass products are ethically sourced from Bangladesh.
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