Carolina Candle Co - Fireside Chat Candle 15oz

Wooden Wick Large Jar by Carolina Candle Co - Fireside Chat Candle 15oz

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NOSTALGIC WOODY SMOKY - Evoke campfire memories with the warming and nostalgic fragrance of Fireside Chat.

HEAR THE DIFFERENCE - features a natural wooden wick designed to crackle as it burns which helps imitate and deliver the soft soothing sound of crackling firewood while providing a better burn with a faster fragrance.

Premium paraffin and soy waxes are blended with highly concentrated essential oils to produce a beautiful wax that burns with no messy residue, while a flared design creates a wider opening for a fully melted wax pool.

This high-quality glass jar with wooden lid is reusable after the candle has burned through, making it a wonderful and elegant gift perfect for any occasion, it's like two gifts in one! 

Fill capacity of 15 ounces (425g) offers a long-lasting fragrance with up to 60 or more hours of burn time - measures approximately 3 ¾" dia x 4 ½" high.

Perfect for a cosy, restful fragrance in the lounge, den, kitchen, study, studio, cafe etc