Sparkling Brussel Sprout Christmas Tree Ornament by Sass & Belle

Sparkling Brussels Sprout Christmas Tree Ornament by Sass & Belle

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We thought the fabulous Christmas favourite of many, detested by some Brussel Sprout would make an excellent addition to any Christmas tree!

It could even me used in the same way as the great German Weihnachtsgurke pickle , when on Christmas Eve after all the children are in bed, the Christmas Pickle is placed in the Christmas tree, being difficult to spot in a green tree and hiding with all the other tree ornaments.

Then, come Christmas morning, the first child to spot it gets a special extra present!  

We think it's a bit of fun and a cool idea for holding back that paper ripping madness for just a few special moments and although we already sell two versions of the pickle, that a sprout makes a very English alternative!

Made from glass and painted plus sparkles

Size approx: 

L 5cm x W5cm x H5cm